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"Our goal is to provide premium quality products and excellent customer service"
-Perry Prasad, VP Operations, Load Masters
About Us

Our Story

At Load Masters we’ve established a reputation for excellence in both product quality and customer satisfaction.  We specialize in "Loader Scale Weighing Systems" for wheel loaders, material handlers, forklifts, excavators, skid steers, cranes and many other heavy equipments.  The company began in 1994 providing accurate and efficient truck loading processes and record keeping of moving products.   We wanted to develop a Loader Scale for loader operators to use with ease and achieve efficient truck loading process.  Trucks must come to the load out scale loaded correctly the first time. 

To achieve that, operators needed a tool that was second to none.  While talking to operators we understood their complains such as loader scales don't work, loader scales aren't accurate, need to maintain specific RPM or oil temperature, keep the loader from rocking or bouncing etc.  That's when we went to the drawing board and came up with EZ-Scale E~100 series.

Accuracy is still and will always be our #1 priority.  EZ-Scale removes all the guess work and provides accurate load weights for load out trucks, also visit  Amongst other products, Load Masters also specializes in state of the art scale ticketing systems, open quarry solutions (wireless communication between scale house and wheel loader), vehicle recording systems, and business operations consulting serving the aggregate, construction, forestry, scrap and waste recycling industries.   Given the limitless possibilities, please contact us for your specific needs, additional information or questions.
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