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"We tried other loader scales but were not satisfied with their accuracy and performance"
-Robert Brown, President, Brown Sand Inc.

Robert Brown, President
Company: Brown Sand Inc.  Lathrop, CA

MicroLoad EzScale was first introduced to our plant in Lathrop, CA in 2002 by Load Masters. We tried other loader scales but were not satisfied with their accuracy and performance. When we installed MicroLoad EzScale in the loaders, our operators began to use the loader scale as a tool which made them more efficient and precise in the truck loading process.... Read more


Ray Briseno, Lead Operator
Company: Teichert Aggregate Inc, Hallwood Plant, Marysville, CA

"EzScale is #1 wheel loader scale it removes guess work out of truck loading, no more trips to top off trucks or the trucks coming back to trim, no more trim pile. Reduced truck queues in the loading zone and at the scale house. It's an excellent loader scale for time saving in loading process. I love that!" Read more


Steve Conley, Loading Supervisor
Company: USG Plant, Empire Nevada

"Provides increased productivity for loader operators who use EzScale as a tool to load trucks accurately, reduces truck turnaround time in the yard. Trucks leave the facility with maximum payload. Hands-on operator training by Load Masters made it so simple for us to use."  "#1 bucket loader scale for sure"


Chuck Brown, Operations Manager
Company: Trailer Haul Concrete & Supplies, Modesto, CA

"Since 2005, we have been using EzScale for our Kawasaki wheel loader. Operators like it for its simplicity and accuracy. It has performed very well for our application and continues to provide excellent service. In our application we needed printed tickets, so we took the printer option and it works tirelessly in our environment. We tried other loader scales but they just didn't perform"


Bob De Oliveira, Operator Supervisor
Company: Ralph Hayes & Son Inc.  Tracy, CA

"EzScale is easy to operate, February of 2008 was when we got our first EzScale in CAT 966 Loader, the scale worked well and we were extremely satisfied with its accuracy and simplicity, no more over loads or under loads.  Management was so impressed they added three more EzScale to our fleet of wheel loaders. Load Masters have provided excellent services and support. I recommend EzScale to anyone looking for an ideal on the move weighing system".

Anthony Morris, Blend Area Supervisor
Company: Recology Grover Environmental, Vernalis, CA

"We have been using EzScale since 2007 EzScale has performed exceptionally well for us and has surpassed our expectations".  "Service and support team of Load Masters are only a phone call away, even though we don't have the need to call them frequently but when we do a qualified Professional is always ready to help".  "EzScale is simple to use and I like the accuracy it provides,"  "For best loader scale EzScale is the way to go"

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