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Ez~Scale USB DataLogging


  • Uses standard USB flash drive
  • Works through the built in USB Port
  • Works with any Flash drive
  • Insert Flash drive into the USB port
  • Download activities of Product, Customer, Operator  or Tickets
  • Also download systems configuration, calibration and much more.
  • Upload systems configuration, calibration, version and much more
  • Downloaded files are in Microsoft excel format

 Each truck load tickets can be downloaded to your flash drive in seconds and uploaded to your laptop or office PC.  Uploaded product, customer, operator and ticket are in Microsoft excel format and can be formatted to your specific requirements.  Ez~Scale USB DataLogging is an excellent management tool for analytical and tracking of loader operations.


When Ez~Scale is upgraded to a newer version you do not have to buy another scale, but just upload the newer version via flash drive and your scale becomes the latest and greatest in a matter of seconds.




Ez~Scale integrated USB port

Standard USB flash drive



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