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The success of our bucket loader scales depends on accuracy, durability and user friendliness.  Loader scale is our business

EZ-Scale, E-110 Series

Front-End Loader Scale Features:

  • Weighing on the move within 0.5% Accuracy
  • No need to warm up the hydraulic, stop the machine, or achieve a specific RPM with our wheel loader scale
  • Fast installation, set-up and training time
  • Durable touch screen display, USB data logging capabilities
  • Your last bucket trim cycle is now quick and easy
  • Our loader scales come with 3 year (36 months) warranty


On Board Ticket Printer

Printer Features:

  • Print on board loader scale tickets in seconds!
  • Print customer, product and weight information
  • Print loader scale tickets in single, double or triple copies
  • Print customize tickets with logo & contact information


EZ-Scale USB Datalogger

USB Features:

  • Transfer all loader scale activity to your PC in seconds
  • No manual data entry required
  • All data stored as MS Excel file formats
  • All loader scale upgrades can be uploaded immediately


Open Quarry Solutions (OQS)

OQS Features:

  • Wireless communication between scale house and loader
  • No gaps in load information transferred to the loader scale
  • Error free truck loading process for loader operators
  • Customized analytical reports for management & production

WinVRS (Windows Vehicle Recording System)

WinVRS Features:

  • Provides truck scale ticketing system and record keeping
  • Provides tracking for products, customer, trucks and more
  • Customized reports for analytical and billing desires
  • 5-level State of the Art systems security

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