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Home of the finest most advanced wheel loader scales in the industry!
Accuracy without restriction!
Better than 1/2 of 1% while weighing
with the machine on the move

           Weather you are target loading   
             trucks, feeding crushers and

             screening plants, batching or
             blending materials; it has never                                       Integrated Data Logging - feature
             been easier and with greater                                         
works through the built-in USB port
             accuracy than with Ez~Scale.                                       with any flash drive. Insert flash drive
             Heavy duty touch screen display                                   into the USB port and simply download
             makes operation of the Ez~Scale a snap                        data within seconds.

             Optional ticket printer~ prints                                               Ez~Scale data logging provides fast,
                header, customer, operator, vehicle                                            accurate and efficient information uploads
               ID and load information within seconds                                      and downloads for use as management tool

Weighing and totaling
systems for wheel loaders
An investment in productivity
accurate, reliable and tough on
board weighing systems for both
new and old machines
 Safe, fast and user friendly
.   Rugged touch screen;  
.   Weighs accurately with the
    machine on the move;  
.   Operator selects the RPM
    they prefer for weighing;
.   With wheel loader, oil does
    not have to be at operating
    temperature in order to  
    achieve accurate results;
.   No need to drop and reweigh
    last bucket after trimming    
Options Available 
Ticket printer uses non thermal
   paper roll
Capable of printing single, double
   or triple copies;                 
Integrated USB data logging  
   uses standard flash drive;   
.  Integrated operator ID; 
.  Telemetry site and machine    
   management systems;

Improved Cycle Times      
Wheel loaders can target load trucks
to within 1/2% while the machine is 
on the move.  When it comes to  
accurately loading trucks, road ready
and avoiding overloads or the need
for vehicle to dump off at the legal
truck scale, there is no equal.

Ez~Scale allows the operator to 
select the option most suited for the
job, such as count up, count down, 
units of measure, customer name,
product and attachment calibration.

The target mode allows count down
to zero as loading progresses.  With an optional printer Ez~Scale can even
automatically print a ticket.  In material re-handling, the count up mode enables EZ~Scale to keep an on screen running total of large loads that are delivered to train cars, ships or stock piles.

In logging operation Ez~Scale can be used for scaling. Just transfer the memorized individual species load weight into a spreadsheet on a computer and convert the weight to board feet.

weighing and totaling systems have the flexibility to meet your needs!
The advanced software of the Ez~Scale has been designed to offer a wide range of user benefits tailored to your application.
Continuous development of software
and optional equipment provide power in reserve to turn your Ez~Scale into a sophisticated production management tool.                
Ez~Scale can be customized
to meet your requirements

Ez~Scale has been designed to meet
standards of design and performance
that suite the most critical of
The mechanical  durability of all components meet accepted standards of performance for ingress protection, durability and radio interferences.


EZ~Scale display features

. High visibility touch screen
. Large buttons, superior readability
  in direct sunlight or low light conditions
. Numeric line 18.0 mm character height
. Character 9.5 mm character height
. Adjustable back light for low light
USB port built-in

Power Supply:
. Supply Voltage ~ 11 to 33 vdc
. Protected against voltage surge and
  supply inversion

Transducers for hydraulic connection
. Two transducers standard
. 400 bar (5880 psi)
. Even higher rating available

Load cell for single in connection:
Custom designed for a variety of applications
.  Precision machined to exacting standards
.  Military type quick disconnect

.  Enclosures .................BS5490:IP65
Temperature range .....-20C to +70C

Ez~Scale features
.  accuracy better than + or - 1/2% while
    weighing with  the machine on the move
.  Standby mode        .  Digital clock
.  Automatic count down from a target
.  Last bucket trim is now fast and easy
.  Automatic count up with running total
.  Units of measure 5; pounds, short tones,
   metric tone, British tone and kilogram
.  Calibration for up to Three attachments
.  Customer list 200    .  Product list 100
.  Operator list 100     .  Load records 850

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